Rollin’ on the River

My husband and I both took an extra day off for the holiday weekend and decided to spend our extra day in the water. Well, actually on the water to be exact. He did a little fishing while I did a little picture taking. As you can tell from the lack of fish in the photos, I had better luck than my husband!


Spring is in the air

I looked out my front window a bit earlier and my neighbor’s tree was filled with male robins. It was quite the site. Personally I think if you see a tree full of beautiful red robins then it must be some kind of good luck sign. Well, at least that’s what I’m going with!

Been gone such a long time!

Whew! Finally posting again. No particular reason for disappearing other than a busy life. Now that we’re heading in to a holiday weekend we finally got a moment to take a breath and take a little hike.