Superheroes among us

Not sure how I missed two days of posting already. Oh well, whatta are ya gonna do!

A little bit about myself…One of the great things in my life is my job. I am merely an office assistant, but what makes it great is where I work and the people I work for. The agency I work for provides medical treatment and therapy to kids who have been affected by trauma or abuse. Now most people upon hearing this automatically think it must be a depressing place to work. Actually I feel very blessed to work every day and be surrounded by people who have dedicated their lives to helping children. And that is what they do…they help kids. And that makes working there a very uplifting place. I have never had better bosses or co-workers. In my mind they should all be wearing superhero capes and I only wish they got more recognition than they do for the amazing work they do.

One of the cool things we have at my work is a therapy garden. I get to help maintain it and really, what more can you ask for than a job where you get to entertain kids and dig in a garden? Today I was sitting outside at lunchtime and snapped a few pictures with my phone and thought I would share. I do have to put in a disclaimer that even though it’s California and it looks like a nice day, it is winter and pretty cool, so the garden is not very productive right now. Still, it is a calming place to sit and get some fresh air in the middle of busy day.



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